Elbi Supmax Lozenges provides fast acting relief which helps prevent sore throat pain from getting worse. Not only do Elbi Supmax Lozenges soothe your throat, they also help fight bacteria.

♦ Orange flavored lozenges with vitamin c & beta glucan - zinc
♦ Strawberry flavored lozenges with black currant & licorice
♦ Honey & lemon flavored lozenges with propolis
♦ Ginger flavored lozenges with turmeric & sage

SUPMAX Lozenges; is to help temporary relieving throat discomfort.
Warning: Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist for more than 2 days, consult a doctor.
Dosage: Dissolve one lozenge in mouth slowly every 6 hours or as directed by physician.
Storage: Store in a cool & dry place below 25O C away from direct sunlight.

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