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Elbi Ecza Deposu determines its service approach according to the needs and expectations of its customers. At this point, it is meticulous about storage conditions and delivery.


Medicines and medical supplies are needed all over the world and all the time. However, sometimes these vital needs cannot be met because of the mistakes of the suppliers or the negative natural conditions. Medicines and medical items which is  extremely vital, especially in epidemics and natural disasters should be transported quickly and in appropriate conditions .

As Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, we are doing our job with the utmost care required by this vital requirement. We know that every product demanded from us is valuable for human health. For this reason, it is our most important duty to send the requested products in the fastest and most complete way.

Export Countries

Due to the contents of the medicines and medical items, they must be kept under special conditions. As Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, we ensure that our personnel receive training on storage hygiene and storage conditions at specific intervals. In addition, Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse is controlled by the personnel of the Ministry of Health in certain periods.

As Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, we provide suitable storage conditions for each product in our warehouse while keeping them far from dust and insecticides.

In order to provide the required storage environment, we ensure that the temperature and humidity values ​​of our warehouse are checked and the data controls are carried out by the experts.



The FIFO (First in First Out) stock system is based on the principle of removing the first of the products entering the warehouse from the warehouse to the shipment. Thanks to this system, no products entering the warehouse have the risk of deterioration by waiting in storage for a long time. However, the monitoring of this system is as important as the system itself. For this reason, FIFO system should be followed by barcoding.

Being aware of the sensitivity of the products offered for sale in the health sector, Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse uses the FIFO (First in First Out) inventory system in its warehouses for the quality and reliability of the products it offers for sale and each product is bar-coded both at the entrance to the warehouse and during shipment. Thus, the product in the warehouse under no circumstances will not wait for a long time and the shelf life of the products is also provided. 



The temperature and humidity balance of the environment  drugs and medical equipment in which is vital for all living things, is one of the most important parameters in terms of their functionality. Because if the required temperature and humidity balance is not provided, the chemical structure of these products can be easily disrupted. Such sensitive products must be kept under appropriate conditions, especially during storage and shipment. To achieve these conditions, the cold chain system is the ideal system.

As Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, we use the cold chain transport chain which is the ideal system for the quality and reliability of the products we sell. Thus, we make the ideal storage and transportation conditions for each product we sell and we do not compromise on quality and reliability.


Parallel exports (sometimes called gray market goods) refer to branded products imported into a market and sold there without the permission of the trademark owner in the market.

Products are manufactured licensed or un-licensed by the trademark owner and they aren’t counterfeit. However, it may be formulated or packaged for a specific jurisdiction, and then imported into a region different from that intended by the trademark owner.


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