Fertilized eggs completed 4 days after pregnancy; The human chorion secretes a hormone called HCG, also known as gonadotropin, and the HCG hormone, which is also found in the blood of the mother, is then spread to the entire body. This is the reason why blood and urine are detected in the pregnancy test.

When women suspect pregnancy if there is a delay in the menstrual cycle; In the hospital, in the laboratory, in the clinic or under the supervision of a doctor or in the home pregnancy test. An average of 1 week delay is ideal for pregnancy testing. Pregnancy tests are generally requested by the doctor in the blood. This pregnancy test is called the Beta HCG test. Due to its fast and accurate results, the Beta HCG test is highly reliable. Beta HCG level in the blood of a woman who has no pregnancy is 0-10 mIU / ml. For this reason, Beta HCG value higher than 10 mIU / ml in blood; It is concluded that pregnancy occurs.

As it is easy and practical, it uses pregnancy tests from home urine samples. The pregnancy test in the urine gives a more reliable result when the first urine is taken in the morning. At home, pregnancy tests can give significant results if done 1 week after menstrual delay. Pregnant women who perform a pregnancy test at home should urinate. The result of the home pregnancy test is based on the presence of the line showing the color change. At home or in hospital; If the result of pregnancy test in blood or urine is positive, an obstetrician should be consulted for further examination and examination. In addition, some pregnancy tests in the first days of pregnancy may result in negative results. If the signs of pregnancy persist despite the negative result and if the menstruation is still not available, it is useful to consult with the obstetrician. In this case, the obstetrician evaluates pregnancy status by methods such as blood tests and ultrasound.

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