In Turkey, 16 firms producing pharmaceutical raw materials but produce 48 kinds of raw materials. In terms of pharmaceutical raw materials in Turkey it is 99% dependent on external conditions. This dependence increases with the fact that drug companies are turning to imported drugs. According to the data of the Pharmaceutical Employers' Association, domestic production decreased from 12,646 tons in 1995 to 5,552 tons in 1999.

All pharmaceutical raw materials produced in the world are around 2000. about 4600 varieties of medicines produced from these raw materials, as imported and domestic production is consumed in Turkey. As of November 2001, the number of drugs available in the market was 2658.

Others are of the same name but for their use, such as tablets, capsules, ampoules, pomades, liquids, dragees etc. The forms of packaging and the amount of effective substance are different. With these differences, all drugs reach 4600 varieties. 20 in Turkey shows 176 foreign companies manufacturing and marketing activities.

Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse is also committed to the sale of these products in order to support the production of domestic pharmaceuticals.

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