Medical Drugs

The drug is the general name of natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic chemical preparations that are given to living things by different application methods, which enables the treatment, treatment or prevention of a disease with the effect it creates on the living cell. Commercial drugs are produced by pharmaceutical companies and are generally patented. The active substance of the active substance and the drugs that can be produced by more than one company is called generic drugs. Drugs can be limited according to the route of administration, chemical properties and biological systems it affects.

Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse enables you to reach all kinds of medicines produced by the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. These medicines, which are produced for the purpose of improving the lives of people, are prescribed by both primary care physicians and specialist physicians. In addition, Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse acts in accordance with these regulations by following all legal regulations in the sale of medical drugs.

Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse offers all kinds of pharmaceuticals from oil based ointment to oral medication, syrup, lotion to spray for oral medicine.

Thanks to its extensive supply chain, Elbi supplies the brands and equivalent medicines demanded by customers in the market conditions. Due to the wide variety of medicines, the demands of customers, country and market conditions, recommendations, offers a faster work at the proposal stage.

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