Ekran-Resmi-2015-06-01-18.29.24"Quality in Health" is our mission to meet the needs of our customers with high quality and reliable products, we provide the needs of our customers witin the framework of laws and regulations.

6OTC, non-prescription products, with the cooperation of national and international companies we supply the products to contribute to the everyday life of our people in improving the health and feeling better.

3Your health, your treatment and all medical devices, supplies that are necessary for you or to make patient care are provided to meet the needs.

2In the diagnostic area, with need-based product portfolio, innovative and advanced technology products are offered for the best suitable solutions.

4Raw materials of natural origin, vitamin and mineral mixtures prepared according to personal needs, and we supply and distribute of herbal supplements for athletes.

1Cosmetics, according to sectoral needs about dermo cosmetics and perfumery products, we supply and distribute the national and international brands.

5Vaccine groups, medical supplies, veterinary drugs, chemical products, disinfection products, farm hygiene products can be delivered to the veterinarian.